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Bucuresti is the Center of the Video Chat Industry. With thousands of top models from Romania, it is no secret most of the Top Live Cam Studios are located in the Center of Bucuresti. Studios listed here are recognized by all the biggest Big Box Cam Sites. From Jasmin to Chaturbate.  When you are a model in Bucuresti, you are probably enjoying the best of the best of what this city has to offer.


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We don't know what you think about, or what experiences you have had so far in the video chat world, but we offer you an environment with work and training systems through which video chat can be really fun and incredibly profitable, because we know, from over 10 years of experience we have that fabulous income can only be generated when we are relaxed, satisfied and smiling.

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Real Girls with Real Emotions


Real Girls with Real Emotions

In the shortest description, we would say that we are different, serious, fair, transparent in decisions, 100% involved in what we do. Yes, in a rather confused Romanian society, seriousness and fairness, otherwise normal things, are seen as exceptions. We are an exception.


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AWSummit is the leading business event in Central & East Europe, a hub for start-ups and investors, affiliates, live-cam industry, and more.


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NightProwl studio is creating top models!


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